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    Concealed Carry Certification

     Our CPL Classes are taught by instructors certified to teach the Pistol Safety Training course required by Michigan law for a Concealed Pistol License.  We provide at least 8 hours of instruction, which meets the educational requirements needed for your CPL application.  Michigan law requires at least 3 hours of instruction on the firing range and 5 hours of instruction in the classroom. 

    ​Topics include:

    • The safe storage, use, and handling of a pistol including, but not limited to, safe storage, use, and handling for child safety.
    • Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of pistol shooting.
    • Firearms and the law, including civil liability issues and the use of deadly force. 
    • Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation.
    • Laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in Michigan.

    After successful completion of the course, you will be given a Certificate of Completion containing the printed name and signature of the course instructor.  The Certificate of Completion states that you have successfully completed the course, and as required by law, it contains the statement:  "This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372." 

    Basic Pistol Class

    Would you like a refresher or just learn to become more comfortable with a handgun?  This three-hour introductory pistol class covers basic safety and proper handling and use of a handgun.

    Private Instruction:

    • Firearm Safety
    • How to safely operate your firearm:
    • Shooting  fundamentals

    You can bring your own handgun and ammo or use one of our guns and pay for the ammo. 

    Private Sessions

    Contact us to set up private training.


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    CPL Classes in Scottville

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    About Us

    Dedicated Instructors

     Come learn the basics of firearm safety in a friendly, supportive, and professional atmosphere.  Our classes are taught by a mother and son team.  Susan is a long-time educator, and Trinity is an avid firearms trainer and gun enthusiast. Their goal is not to just tell you the facts but to help make sure you understand them and help you become a more confident, competent, and safer shooter and firearm handler.(See Bios)

    Trinity King

    Trinity describes himself as a "gun nut" and says he's interested in everything to do with guns.  He is a MCRGO Instructor and a NRA Range Safety Officer.

    Susan McCray-King

    Susan loves guns too. She grew up shooting rifles and developed a passion for shooting handguns. She's the co-leader of  The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter of Mason County MI, a MCRGO Instructor, and a NRA Range Safety Officer.

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